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Everything is Synchronized

Add, move or remove something, it gets changed in every relevant place: 3D, floor plan, schedules etc.

The software understands the building and all it's properties.

Having all the information in place allows to be amazingly fast in creating sections and other similar drawings.

The information is there and this is the way to make the most of it.

Information is Power
It's not just a drawing ...

With BIM it's not just a drawing anymore. You're building a living thing with a close connection to reality.

The software knows your idea inside-out so it's easy to measure things.

From CAD to BIM

Will you lead or will you follow?

With our Autodesk Certified Professionals we have the expertise to assist you in moving from the AutoCAD workflows to the Autodesk Revit way of working and thinking.

Our firm belief and experience is that once the architects get used to the new workflow the speed and efficiency will go through the roof! The earlier the better!

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Are you prepared?


Efficient BIM develops add-ins for Autodesk Revit to make you more efficient in your everyday work with BIM. 

Our tooling ranges from interoperability between different Autodesk applications to productivity gems and some of them are free. The goal here is to automate tasks and make every second count!

Autodesk® Revit® Add-ins

A lot of companies face the issue of having to deal with huge time and effort investments in AutoCAD and are reluctant to move to Revit because of that. 

We have the expertise to take a look at your problem and see what can be automated, what can not, and how workflows need to adapt to become more efficient in the times of BIM.

Migration from AutoCAD®

Can't find what you're looking for in our product or services? Get in touch and we can see if we can come up with a tailored solution just for you.

We understand every company has special needs with regards to their workflows, knowledge, automation and software needs. Optimizing the time spent on each and every task is important in staying competitive.

Tailored services


Need to transform your CAD drawings before importing them into Autodesk Revit ?

This add-in does exactly that!

It was engineered to help with the transition and it does in a very efficient way!

CTB Link for FREE

You can use this add-in to export your schedules with pinpoint cell accuracy!

Never do it manually!

Export on the cell level and leave the rest of the document untouched.​

Smart Schedule Exporter

Tired of those dirty CAD explosions creating hundreds of line types and layer clones?

We solved it!

Make native Autodesk Revit families out of CAD​ drawings cleanly and orderly!

Smart Schedule Exporter


We are a startup company based in Rotterdam and focused on increasing the efficiency of architects and engineers by introducing BIM practices.

These are the times of BIM and we have expertise both in the domain of architecture and the software engineering skills to leverage software like Autodesk Revit through further automatization of tasks.

Whether you need help in setting up your BIM workflow, recreating your CAD libraries as families in Autodesk Revit, or just automating some task to save the precious time of your engineers and architects - we're ready to help!


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